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The bridesmaids wore white

July 30, 2009

We’re wrapping up our posts today on bridal party attire with more suggestions on infusing some ingenuity into what your bridesmaids (and groomsmen!) will wear on the big day.  Whatever your budget is, no one wants a cookie cutter wedding.  As easy as it may be to pick a color and sihouette, giving some style to your bridal party will go a long way in making your wedding truly unique to you.


A new and unexpected look for bridesmaids is all white.  Yes, you heard that right….WHITE.  Traditionally, it was bad luck to show up as a guest to a wedding wearing white, and the bridesmaids wearing it was UNHEARD OF!  Having your girls wearing a shade of white slightly different from yours is becoming a more common practice these days.  Let’s face it ladies, no matter what someone wears to a wedding, NO ONE outshines the bride.  The great thing about bridemaids in white, is that it allows you to go all out on the bouquets, making the flowers the focal point, which will pop against the starck white background of their dresses.  The image below, courtesy of White Loft Studio Photography, shows how elegant and romantic the bridesmaids look, while providing proof that NO ONE can steal the bride’s thunder.

whiteloftstudio white dresses

Green necklaces and shorter hemlines give a more relaxed feel to the strapless white sheaths as seen below. 

white bm's the knot (via The Knot)

I just love how the draping of the bridesmaid’s dresses below mimics the flowy fabric in the bridal gown.  Spaghetti straps and black sashes (not to mention the lack of a wedding day glow!) set these ladies apart nicely from the lovely bride.

theknot2 (via The Knot)

And finally, dresses in a creamy shade of ivory still give a dreamy look for the ladies while allowing the bride to be the center of attention.

lazaro dresses from bridesdotcom (Lazaro dresses via Brides)

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