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To match or not to match?

July 28, 2009

Choosing the attendants who will stand in your wedding can be a very ardous task for many brides.  Your bridesmaids are the women who have stood by you and supported you during your life and courtship, and it is a very honorable position to have in someone’s wedding.  That being said, one of the very difficult decisions that a bride makes will be the attire for her bridal party.  For the groomsmen, who are generally no-fuss, it’s much easier, but bridesmaids are a little more difficult to please.  Now brides, don’t be discouraged…it is ultimately YOUR wedding, YOUR vision, and YOUR decision, but these are your closest confidants and most of you want your girls to feel pretty, comfortable and confident.

The next few posts will focus on today’s trends in bridal party attire, and we’ll even have something for the fellas.  More specifically, I want to highlight some alternatives to the matchy-matchy taffeta of yesteryear. 

There is always a place for matching bridal attire, which I will talk about later, but first I’d like to explore the new trend of non-matching bridesmaids, which I LOVE. 

lifelovelipstickblogdotcom  (source)

Your girls do not have to look identical to be cohesive.  As seen in the photo above, simply having your maids choose a range of the same color still fits into her theme, but gives some personality to each girl.  While olive may be flattering for some, jade looks better on another.

via classicbride (source)

LOVE the flesh toned dresses above.  So lovely, and the bride still stands out.  I think these choices are a great example of a dress that the ladies “can wear again”.

via inspired bride dot net (source)

via offbeat bride (source)

This image below is one of my favorites.  SO gorgeous!

brides (source)

And finally….how sweet and charming are these floral dresses?!

ashleybaber (source)

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  1. August 1, 2009 1:42 am

    I like same color, length and fabric all ina different style/neckline. I think that is the best way to have your bridesmaids look their best and be comfortable in the cut of the dress they choose. J.Crew is great for this. I also love bridesmaid dresses that are just normal dresses… not the heavy bridesmaid-y fabric.

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